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Correlative - Web application development

We build engaging, business-class applications for your web presence and mobile devices.

Media-rich content and mobile interactivity is converging more and more with traditional application development techniques. We specialize in building memorable and hardened media-rich applications that are easily consumed across the Internet, mobile devices or cloud environments.



We Speak All the Right Languages

We are fluent in the latest web development languages and technologies including:




Spring Framework



Swift / Objective C






jQuery Javascript


Liferay CMS content management system




Joomla CMS content management system

WordPress CMS content management system



Microsoft SQL MSSQL



We Make All the Right Connections

We are expert in delivering web applications on bullet-proof hosting platforms that are highly-available, secure and scalable.



Apple iOS

Google Android

RedHat Linux

CentOS Linux

Microsoft Windows Server




SuSE Open Enterprise Linux OpenSuSE

Apache Tomcat




Customer Success Story

HealthCare Chaplaincy Network

The Chaplain Connection

The Chaplain Connection Online CommunityCorrelative partnered with HealthCare Chaplaincy Network to develop a professional online community for chaplains and healthcare providers implementing spiritual care within their practice.

The Chaplain Connection® is a comprehensive, online resource center to inform, support and enhance the chaplaincy practice. This online community employs familiar social media tools to provide members with access to educational resources, webinars, manuals and documents relative to their practice. Members may join a community of peers who can help support their practice and gain access to resources and programs tailored to amplify the reach and visibility within their institution.



Customer Success Story

Correlative and VOX Telehealth

Learn more about VOX OrthoCare >

VOX Telehealth OrthoCare ProgramCorrelative partnered with VOX Telehealth to develop the patient-engagement platform, OrthoCare. The HIPAA-compliant web application is developed in a combination of Java, Spring Foundation, HTML 5 and Javascript. The server technology selected to host this application includes CentOS Linux, PostgreSQL 9.x, Tomcat and various cloud computing technologies.

Through individual patient care plans, the OrthoCare Program engages the patient with robust pre-op educational content and preparation tools, patient reminders and symptomatic observations all tied to a customizable alert escalation and notification system and delivered via a multi-device, digital platform.

“The launch of the VOX OrthoCare Program is a significant step forward in improving the quality of care and outcomes for patients undergoing hip and knee procedures,” said David Brown, Founder and CEO of VOX Telehealth. “We developed the OrthoCare Program to solve a true patient need—greater contact and better care—while also offering powerful clinical data for the healthcare provider.”



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