We Connect the Right Donors to Your Cause

Finding the right donors and promoting your cause requires a comprehensive and customized marketing plan. We help grow your fundraising through powerful, cost-effective online marketing and web design. We work with some of the largest non-profits and in the process have gained the best practices to drive visitors to your non-profit and convert this interest into donations, online sales and community engagement.


How We Connect the Right Donors to Your Cause

Competitive Analysis

We first review your marketing efforts and compare them to your competitors. How effective are your competitors' web presences, online marketing efforts, fundraising success and reputation compared to your organization's efforts? These are some of the questions we ask and evalute. We then review this analysis with you and collectively decide how to proceed.

Web Design and Application Development

You have 7 seconds to engage new web visitors before they move on. We make those 7 seconds count.

We partner with you to optimize your web presence. Your visitors will quickly and clearly understand your mission and your site will drive them to your community engagement and fundraising initiatives. We are experts in successful and marketing-minded web development, graphic design and copyrighting.

Online Donation and Ecommerce Solutions

We extend your web presence to accept online donations and conduct other fundraising activities. If you need to sell products online or offer paid memberships, our proven solutions accomplish this. Our comprehensive reporting tools then allow you to measure and correlate the marketing efforts that converted into these donations.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising and SEO

A key component of any fundraising initiative is getting your organization in front of new donors. For the last 10 years, we have been successfully managing the online marketing campaigns and related spend for causes like yours.

Our strategy includes a strong focus on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimizations (SEO). In partnership with your marketing team, we determine the best keywords, ad copy, targeting and organic website optimizations that drive search engine visitors to your website and its fundraising campaigns.

We review the keywords and audience you wish to target in your campaigns. This process includes research of your competitors and their keyword usage. We then identify keywords with less competition, yet receiving high search rates. This ensures the lowest possible cost-per-click rate. This results in more clicks and ultimately conversions for your given budget. We then construct effective ads that incorporate your keywords and guarantee relevancy between your users' search terms, the ads they see and the website they click through and visit.

Online Communities

We build successful online communities to better engage users and supporters. We use social media paradigms that are familiar to the average user and allows them to easily become familiar and contributing to the community. Hosting online communities can be monetized through subscription-based membership, product sales and educational content. Building a loyal community also ensure better awareness and marketing of fundraising campaigns.


We are laser-focused on conducting on-going analysis, refinement and reporting of your online marketing efforts, their effectiveness and return on your marketing spend. We use tools including Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Bing Ads to aggregate your various online marketing campaigns into a consolidated reporting and analysis view.



Customer Success Story

HealthCare Chaplaincy Network

The Chaplain Connection

The Chaplain Connection Online CommunityCorrelative partnered with HealthCare Chaplaincy Network to develop a professional online community for chaplains and healthcare providers implementing spiritual care within their practice.

The Chaplain Connection® is a comprehensive, online resource center to inform, support and enhance the chaplaincy practice. This online community employs familiar social media tools to provide members with access to educational resources, webinars, manuals and documents relative to their practice. Members may join a community of peers who can help support their practice and gain access to resources and programs tailored to amplify the reach and visibility within their institution.