Contracting with Correlative

Here is some general information about becoming a contractor with Correlative:

What is a contractor and what will my relationship be with Correlative?

In general, if you are working on a short-term client project, you will be performing this work as a “1099 contractor.” You will be compensated on a set hourly rate. You are responsible for all tax withholdings and reporting.

What is the process involved in becoming a contractor with Correlative?

Step 1 You will need to sign a contractor agreement that defines the terms of our contractor relationship.
Step 2 You will need to complete an I-9 form (download here) to verify your eligibility to work within the United States.
Step 3 Welcome to our team!

Are full-time staff opportunities available after I become a contractor?

Yes, a contractor relationship with Correlative is generally limited to team members engaged on short-term or ad-hoc project assignments. As your relationship with Correlative becomes more long-term, we prefer to offer you full-time employment.