Web Application Development

Correlative - Web application development

We build engaging, business-class applications for your web presence and mobile devices.

Media-rich content and mobile interactivity is converging more and more with traditional application development techniques. We specialize in building memorable and hardened media-rich applications that are easily consumed across the Internet, mobile devices or cloud environments.


HIPAA Application Development

HIPAA Healthcare Application Development

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires health systems to secure protected health information, provide strong encryption of data and maintain high levels of system integrity. HIPAA compliance also requires a more methodical and disciplined approach to development and hosting. That is where we can help.

We are seasoned in building hardened applications that are HIPAA compliant from a software, hosting and administrative perspective. Our HIPAA and HITRUST cloud hosting solutions guarantee PHI protection, breach monitoring, vulnerability assessment reporting and failover services.

Project Management

Correlative Project Management

We know that a poorly-managed project will easily yield unsuccessful or costly results. We designed Correlative from the ground up with a strong emphasis on proven project management practices in all services we provide.

We are always evaluating new project management practices and tools to better serve our customers.